Your Own Unique ExitMap® in Just 90-Days! 


How Every Business Owner Can Map Out Their Successful Exit on Their Own Terms -- Even if They Don't Know Where to Start!

  • ​Get an in-depth business-readiness analysis so you can know your business' exact strengths and areas for improvement which means you can easily address the key value drivers that will increase the value of your business.
  • ​Get one-on-one attention which helps you get your exit objectives identified quickly so you can achieve your business exit on your terms.
  • Get an individualized game plan for your goals so you can take the actions that are right for you in your business at this moment which helps you to travel your own unique, personal pathway to your successful exit.

"Every business owner has unique objectives. Some owners want to transfer their business to an insider like a key employee or a business-active child while others want to sell to an outside third-party or to a competitor. Some owners are more concerned with community and legacy while others are primarily concerned with maximizing the financial proceeds of a sale. Every business owner's situation is unique and every owner's exit plan is a road-map to help them achieve their specific exit objectives." 

 - Tawnya Gilreath, Founder of LA Business Pros

2020 President, California Association of Business Brokers

Want a Personalized ExitMap® so You Can Exit on Your Terms?

Get Your Own Unique ExitMap® in Just 90-Days!

Here's a bit about the process (once you've engaged)...


Video Conference #1 

(90 minutes)

The Discovery session is used to review and debrief the business-readiness assessment as well as to create a business baseline that looks at key employee information, processes and systems, advisors, and most importantly, business owner's initial objectives.

Financial Analysis

Video Conference #2 

(90 minutes)

Financial documents submitted after the Discovery session are used to determine EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and SDE (seller's discretionary earnings), and to illustrate cash flow available to the business, the gap between business value and desired price, if any, and other financially relevant information. 

Operational Analysis

Video Conference #3

(2 hours)

In the Operational Analysis session, we look at management succession, owner centricity in the business, the business owner's personal vision with respect to life after the business including life and retirement objectives, charitable, community and legacy objectives, and finalize the owner's objectives regarding exit timing, method and desired proceeds. 

Initial Plan Design and Presentation
Video Conference #4 

(60 minutes)

The Initial Plan Design and Presentation session is used to review the initial plan developed by the advisor, discuss alternatives and modifications, discuss management development needs, if any, and review the initial plan for acceptability. 

Final Plan Review and Acceptance

Video Conference #5

(60 minutes)

The Final Plan Review and Acceptance is used to make sure that the final plan developed by the advisor is consistent with the business owner's objectives so that the map, when followed will lead the business owner to his/her successful business exit. The discussion includes action items and next steps. 

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