How to Know Your Business Value

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  • Lets you determine your business value in the privacy of your own home or office without disclosing your confidential financial information to outside third parties.

  • Gives you an advantage when planning to sell your business because you'll know when you business value exceeds your target price.

  • Helps you avoid becoming part of the 90+% of business owners that put their businesses on the market for sale and never sell.
Tawnya Gilreath, JD, CM&AP, CBI

"This free copy of How to Know Your Business Value will teach you what you need to determine your current business value range. Understanding your business value range is the first step to getting the price you want when you sell your business. Achieving a successful business sale isn't as hard as you think and this guide will show you why." 

-Tawnya Gilreath, Founder of LA Business Pros 
  2020 President, California Association of Business Brokers

Know Your Business Value and Get What Your Business is Worth!

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